Statutory Regulations of UGC

Statutory Regulations of UGC

Government Mohindra College in order to provide safe and protective environment to students during their stay in the college, has from time to time adopted guidelines/regulations issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC). For three areas, namely, rederessal of grievances of students, protecting students and staff from sexual harassment at workplace and ragging, the college has adopted the following guidelines/regulations of the UGC:

  1. Regulations pertaining to Grievance Redressal Mechanism for Students

  1. Regulations Against Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

  1. Regulations Against Ragging

For ensuring compliance to various provisions enshrined in these guidelines/regulations, the college has constituted three committees duly mentioned in the annual list of committees. The members in these committees have changed over the years, due to transfers, superannuation and resignations due to change of job.

  1. Grievance Committee
  2. Anti Sexual Harassment Committee
  3. Disciplinary and Anti Ragging Committee