Our Library

Library: The College has a huge and rich library having almost one lac books covering all the subject areas ranging from Sciences to Social Sciences, Languages, Commerce, Management and Computer Sciences etc. The library has to its credit a number of very rare manuscripts. The library is proposed to be made completely digital along with hard copies in the coming time. E–catalogue is available for the books in the library. There are three sections of the library:-

1) General Section: – In the general section besides common books, there is a Shri Guru Nanak Study centre in which there are books related to Sikh religion and books containing information of other religions. There are many books available in the Reference book section.

2) Text Book Section: – A text book section has been established in the library with the help of UGC grant. This section provides books to needy and outstanding students.

3) Periodical Section: – Periodical section has nearly 80 magazines, Journals and 19 newspapers in Punjabi, Hindi and English. A corner for career and vocational guidance has also been established in the reading room of the library.

Departmental Library: In addition to the main Library, the respective departments have their own departmental libraries to provide additional support system in academics to the students concerned.

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