M.A. English

M.A. English

The course on English engages with literatures and cultures in English or translated into English and interprets and formulates cultural theories. Language is multi-functional and is used in multiple contexts – communication, diplomacy, power, art and ideas amongst many others. The human being is a language animal and both memory and time (in the sense of past, present and future) are dependent on it as a medium. It is used for rhetoric, political persuasion, assertion and media.


Duration: 2 years
Eligibility: Graduation with relevant subject with 50% marks in aggregate


1.Chaucer to Renaissance
2.Jacobean to Restoration Age
3.Neo-Classicism the Rise of the Novel
4.Any one the following options:
(i) English Phonetics and Phonology
(ii) Shakespeare
(iii) European Drama

5.The Romantic Age
6.Victorian Poetry & Prose
7.19th Century British and European Fiction
8.Any one the following options:
(i) Indian Writing in English
(ii) Modern Indian Literature in Translation
(iii) Modern English Grammar and usage

9.Literary Criticism
10.20th Century Literature (upto 1940)
11.European Literature
12.Any one the following options:
(i) American Literature
(ii) Modern British Literature
(iii) Modern Canadian Fiction

13.Literary Theory
14.World Literature in English
15.Twentieth Century Drama
16.Any one the following options:
(i)   Post-Colonial Writing
(ii) Literature, Gender Feminism
(iii) Language and Linguistics