M.A. Political Science

M.A. Political Science


The M.A. Programme besides offering advanced knowledge in core areas of political science, focuses on specific area studies courses and foreign policy papers with special emphasis on the analytical and methodological aspects of the Discipline.


Duration: 2 years
Eligibility: Graduation with relevant subject with 50% marks in aggregate


1.Indian Political Thought
2.Western Political Thought
3.Indian Government and Politics
4.International Politics

1.Modern Indian Political Thought
2.Contemporary Issues in International Politics
3.Liberal, Political Theory
4.Democracy in India

Compulsory Papers
1.Contemporary Political Thought
2.Modern Political Analysis
Paper 3 and 4 : Group I
Any Two of the following Options :

Opt. i : Political Ideologies
Opt. ii : Political Sociology
Opt. iii : State Politics in India
Opt. iv : Federalism
Opt. v : South Asian Political System (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh)
Paper 3 and 4 : Group II
Any Two of the following Options :
Opt. vi : International Organisation
Opt. vii : Foreign Policy of India
Opt. viii : Theory and Practice of Diplomacy
Opt. ix : South Asia and World Politics
Opt. x : Politics of Developing Countries

Compulsory Papers
1.Theory and Practice of Public Administration
2.Comparative Politics

Paper 7 and 8 : Group I
Any Two of the following Options :

Opt. i : Electoral Politics in India
Opt. ii : Punjab Politics
Opt. iii : Research Methodology
Opt. iv : Women and Political Theory
Opt. v : Contemporary Debates in Political Theory
Opt.vi : Sikh Political Thought (1469 AD-1708 AD)
Paper III and IV : Group II
Any Two of the following Options :

Opt. vii : Foreign Policies of US, Russia, China and Japan
Opt. viii : Human Rights in International Relations
Opt. ix : International Law
Opt. x : Third World in International System
Opt. xi : Globalization and its Impact on Political System
Note : Each paper will carry 80 Marks and 20 marks for internal Assessment