BCA is an integrated course comprising three parts spread over three years with each part consoling of three semesters. University exams are conducted at the end of every semester.

Duration: 3 years

Eligibility: 10+2  or any other examination recognized as equivalent

Semester – I
111 General English I
112 Punjabi (Compulsory)or Punjabi Compulsory (Mudla Gyan)
113 Fundamentals of Information Technology
114 Programming Fundamentals using C
115 Software Lab I (Windows and Office Automation)
116 Software Lab II (Based on paper BCA-114 Programming fundamentals using C)

Semester – II
121 General English II
122 Punjabi (Compulsory)or Punjabi Compulsory (Mudla Gyan)
123 Digital Electronics
124 Data Structures
125 Basic Mathematics
126 Software Lab-III (Based on paper BCA-124 Data Structure)

Semester -III
211 English Communication Skills – I
212 Discrete Mathematics
213 Computer System Organisation and Architecture
214 Object Oriented Programming using C++
215 Fundamentals of DBMS
216 Software Lab – IV (Based on BCA-214)
217 Software Lab – V (Based on BCA-215)

Semester – IV
BCA 221 English Communication Skills – II
BCA 222 Computer Networks
BCA 223 Management Information System
BCA 224 Computer Oriented Numerical and Statistical Methods
BCA 225 Relational Database Management Systemwith Oracle
BCA 226 Software Lab – VI (Based on paper BCA-224)
BCA 227 Software Lab – VII (Based on paper BCA-225)
BCA 228 Environmental Studies & Road Safety Awareness

Semester – V
BCA 311 English Literary Skills-I
BCA 312 System Analysis & Design
BCA 313 System Software
BCA 314 Java Programming
BCA 315 Web Designing using HTML & DHTML
BCA 316 Software Lab-IX (based on paper BCA-314: Java Programming)
BCA 317 Software Lab-X (based on paper BCA-315: Web Designing using HTML & DHTML)

Semester – VI
BCA 321 English Literary Skills-I
BCA 322 E-Commerce
BCA 323 Operating System
BCA 324 Software Engineering
BCA 325 Web Designing using ASP.NET
BCA 326 Software Lab-XI (More on Java Based on BCA-314 : Java Programming)
BCA 327 Software Lab-XII (based on BCA-325: Web Designingusing ASP.NET)