M.Sc. Chemistry

M.Sc. Chemistry


Chemistry is a fundamental science and has contributed a vital role in the improvement of the life of human beings by providing many of human requirements and essentialities. The research and developments in Chemistry during last few decades are phenomenal. These developments are crossing the traditional boundaries of scientific disciplines. In industries, the practice of Chemistry is undergoing radical changes and is based on absolute understanding of chemical phenomena. The recent Chemical Technologies are highly science-based.


Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry
Duration: 2 years
Eligibility: Graduation with relevant subject with 50% marks in aggregate


101-Inorganic Chemistry
102-Organic Chemistry
103-Physical Chemistry
*104 (A)Mathematics for Chemists
*104 (B)Biology for Chemists

105-Inorganic Chemistry
106-Analytical Chemistry

201-Inorganic Chemistry
202-Organic Chemistry
203-Physical Chemistry
204-Computer Fundamentals and programming with C

205-Organic Chemistry
206-Physical Chemistry

301-Analytical Chemistry
311-Ligand Field Theory
312-Reaction Mechanism of Transition Metal Complexes.
313-Inorganic Spectroscopy- I

314-Inorganic Chemistry Practicals -I
315-Inorganic Chemistry Practicals-II

Semester – IV
401-Environmental Chemistry
411-Chemistry of Organometalic Compounds
412-Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
413-Inorganic Spectroscopy – II

414-Inorganic Chemistry Practicals -I
415-Inorganic Chemistry Practicals-II