M.Sc. Geography

M.Sc. Geography

Geography is the study of the Earth – the land, topography, attributes, people and phenomena. Subjects usually studied under this degree are Environment and Ecology, Natural Resource Management, Political Geography, Agricultural Geography, Social Geography of India etc.


Duration : 2 years
Eligibility : B.A with Geography subject.


I. Fundamentals of Geomorphology
II. Geography of Settlements with Special Reference to India
III. Man and Environment
IV. Resource Geography of India
V. Map Work and Practical Geography (Cartography)

I. Applied Geomorphology.
II. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System.
III. Human Impact on Environment: Issues & Perspectives.
IV. Geography of Regional Planning.
V. Map Work & Practical Geography (Morphometric Analysis & Air Photo interpretation).

I. History of Geography Thought
II. Climatology
III. Town and Country Planning
IV. Oceanography
V. Map Work and practical Geography (Quantitative Method)

I. Specific Themes in Geographic
II. Agriculture Geography
III. Population Geography
IV. Political Geography
V. Field Methods in Geography & Project Report