Department of Botany

  • Year of establishment: 1930
  • Faculty members:
  1. (Dr) Ambika Beri (HOD)
  2. Rommy Garg (Associate Professor)
  3. Suneet Kumar (Asst. Prof.)
  4. Harpreet Singh (Asst. Prof.)
  5. Yodha Singh (Asst. Prof)
  6. Shallu (Asst. Prof.)
  • Retired Faculty members
  1. Harbans Singh (Associate Prof.)


  • Contribution of department- The records indicates that Department of Botany is established around 1950 with few students and few faculty members. The Department of Botany is committed to expand and absorb the wide diversity of scientific disciplines that have come to be associated with the study of plants. Our B.Sc. programme is multi-faceted and designed to empower graduate students with a holistic and comprehensive education across a wide range of subject areas, which would enable them to contribute effectively to basic and applied education and research in plant Sciences. The Department has taken conscious efforts to expand teaching program bringing together novel developments in the field with traditional areas of Botany through field excursions trips and projects. The students are coached and encouraged through remedial teaching and academic guidance. Our mission is to strive for an excellent environment for learning in plant sciences and produce graduates and equipped with skills necessary to fulfil their role in contemporary society. Our vision is to maintain our position as the premier department of higher learning in Botany as advance centre of plant sciences and to further commit ourselves to academic excellence.
  • Vision: The continued wellbeing of the common man through a study of plant sciences.
  • Mission:Its mission is to apply conventional as well as non-conventional tools to understand plant process, development of human resource with hands on experience in the frontier areas of Plant Sciences.
  • Alumni (mention the names of distinguished alumni)-


Prof. Ranjeet Kaur, Former Head Botany and Ex-Principal.

Prof. Harinder Kaur, Former Head Botany and Ex-Principal.

Dr. Manruchi kaur, Prof. and Former HOD, Botany, Dean Life Sciences, PUP.

Prof. Rommy Garg, Associate Prof., Govt Mohindra College.

Prof. Simran Sidhu, Ex-Associate Prof. Govt. Mohindra College, Patiala.

Dr. Arneet Grewal Associate Prof. Dept of Botany, PUP.

Dr. Ankur Mohindru, IAS

Dr. Isha Kaul, Doctor, USA

Dr. Abhisheik Handa, Eye Specialist.

Mr. Mandeep Tuli, IPS

Dr. Parmpuneet Singh, Doctor, USA

Dr. Sohrabh Arora, Robotics Surgeon, USA

Dr. kanwareet Singh Bhatia, Oncologist, at Neurological & Cancer Hospital.

Dr. Gagandeep kaur, Asst. Prof. At Akal Degree College, Mastuana Sahib.

Ms. Gurdeep Kaur, Head Department of Agriculture and Paramedical Sciences, at Swami Vivekananda Group of Colleges, Banur.


Academic Programmes Offered (UG):

  • Programme Outcomes-

Graduates will be able to develop logical and scientific skills along with reasoning required for botanical sciences.

  1. Students are to be familiar with various techniques related to plant science.
  2. Graduates will be able to recognise, analyse, and opine on the various aspects of botanical sciences.
  3. Maintain a high level of scientific excellence in botanical research with specific emphasis on the role of plants. Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern technology in multidisciplinary way. Practice of subject with knowledge to design experiments, analyze and interpret data to reach to an effective conclusion.
  4. Ability to develop, identify, formulate a practical approach towards day to day scientific problems to reaching a logical conclusion.
  5. Logical thinking with application of biological, physical and chemical sciences. Learning that develops analytical and integrative problem-solving approaches.
  6. Performing active role that demand higher competence in national/international organizations with coherence.
  7. Graduates would be aware of basic social etiquettes, ethical issues and regulations while addressing social issues.
  8. The graduates would develop a base for achieving self-sufficiency by developing botany based employment opportunities.
  9. Skills inculcated would encourage them to carry out innovative research projects thereby making them to use knowledge creation in depth for pharmacy, agriculture and horticulture industry.
  • Knowledgeable and disciple citizens with good values, ethics will help in nation building globally.


  • Career options-
Job Profiles Description
Environmental Consultant Offer their clients specialised evaluation and advising services regarding concerns connected to the management of environmental issues.
Botanist Research
Farming consultant Specialists who advise farming, agricultural, and public sector workers on technical, commercial, and financial matters
Lab Assistant Responsible for assisting researchers and scientists during lab experiments
Ecologist Investigates how living things interact with their environment.
Geneticist Evaluate or treat patients with genetic problems by doing research on the inheritance of features at the molecular, biological, or population level.
  • Plan and carry out difficult projects for both scientific and application research
  • Overseeing the performance of laboratory teams
Lab Assistant Responsible for assisting researchers and scientists during lab experiments
Taxonomist Mapping a species’ DNA, examining its structure, recording it in pictures or sketches, and gathering required specimens
Ecologist Investigates how living things interact with their environment.
Cytologist Utilize a microscope to examine specimens and assess specimen quality.
Biological Technician Establishing, maintaining, and cleaning laboratory apparatus, including scales, pipets, and test tubes
Education Pursue higher education in the field of Botany


  • Total seats- 150


Activities of the Department: (July 2017 onwards)

Sr No Title of the Activity Detail of the Activity


Glimpses of Activities: (July 2017 onwards)

Photographs of Activities arranged in chronological order with date and information about the event:

  • July 2017- June 2018

-Students and staff of department visited potato research institute Kufri, Shimla on date 08.02.2017

-Extension lecture by Prof. Manruchi Kaur Head, Department of Botany, Punjabi University, Patiala on 08.02.2017

  • July 2018- June 2019

-Education tour to IHBT-CSIR lab- Andreta, Palampur, Himchal Pardesh on 24-26.10.2018.

-Extension lecture by Dr. Geetika Sirhindi, Associate Professor, Punjabi University, Patiala on “Skeleton of the cell” on 05.04.2019 .

  • July 2019- June 2020
  • A lecture on Say no to drugs by Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Associate Professor, Chemistry MM Modi College, Patiala on 09.11.2019.
  • Educational Trip to Forest Research Institute of India & Botanical Survey of India, Dehradoon on 11-13 Nov, 2023.
  • July 2020- June 2021



  • July 2021- June 2022
  • Educational Tour to Jaypee University, Solan (HP) on 09.10.2021
  • An Extension lecture on “Single Use Plastic” by Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Associate Professor, Chemistry MM Modi College, Patiala on 22.04.2022
  • Earth Day Celebration on 22.04.2022 in collaboration with Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change. On this occasion various competition were organised such as Poster making, ragoli, speech competition.
  • Students of B.Sc Medical and staff of the Department Visited to celebrate science week on 28.02.2022. Students have visited museum, Botanical Garden, Herbarium etc.


  • July 2022-June 2023
  • World Science Day; organised a guest lecture on Tree Risk Management by Prof Manish Kapoor, HOD, Botany, PUP on 09.11.2022 & on 11.11.2022 Department organised Experiment based competition named “VIGIAN IKK KAMAL” And Quiz competition named JEKAR AJEHA HUNDA. Department Also organised a guest lecturer and practical demonstration on various experiments by Lecturer Jaswinder Singh, Govt SS School, Lachkani.
  • Students of B.Sc. Medical And Staff Participated at Science Fair at Punjabi University, Patiala on 27.02.2023.
  • On National Science Day Special lecture on Human Evolution Delivered by Prof Yodha singh, Dept of Botany, GMC, Patiala on 01.03.2023 and Speech competition also organised for students.
  • Educational Tour; Department have visited



-EARTH DAY celebrated by organising a Mass Awareness Rally in front of College on 24.04.2023. Slogan writing and paper reading competition have been organised on 24.04.2023.

  • Organised a guest lecture on “Millets- a grain for everyday life” delivered by Prof Avneet Pal Singh on 25.04.2023
  • Students and Staff of the department Have visited SS BIR BOTANICAL GARDEN, ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM at DEPT. OF Botany, PUP on 31.10.2023


Names of Programmes/Courses offered:
UG :
1.B.Sc. Medical.
2.B.Sc. Biotechnology .
3.B.Sc. Agriculture.