Fine Arts

Department of Fine Arts

  • Skillfully create artistic form using techniques and methods appropriate to the intended result.
  • Understand that the meaning of a work of art is conditioned by the manner in which it is exhibited or otherwise presented and distributed. They will have the ability to consider methods of presentation and distribution in innovative ways that respond to, and potentially influence, existing conditions in the field.
  • Consider the role of art making in the larger social context
Name Qualification Experience Research Area Link
Pushpinder singh MA, M.Phil 14 Fine art view file
Name of the Programme Duration Seats Programme outcome
Fine art in BA 3 year Fraction of students velop an awareness of current professional standards in their chosen media and in the larger field of contemporary art as well as the ability to effectively meet or redefine those standards. Recognizing that one aspect of being a professional artist is autonomy, Fine Arts Students will develop artistic autonomy to identify and focus on their practice, act upon their ideas and continue to learn over the length of their caree
No of the Activity Name of the Activity Date  
1 Painting Exhition 20.09.2028
2 Participation in Youth festival Oct, 2017
3 Inter zonal Youth festival Nov, 2017
4 Educational Tour March, 2019
5 Participation in Youth festival Oct, 2019
6 Inter zonal Youth festival Nov, 2019
7 Budy Day Nov, 2019
8 Voters Day 23 jan, 2020
9 Youth festival Oct, 2021
10 Inter Zonal  level Nov, 2021