About Department: 

  • Year of establishment: 1930
  • Contribution of department: Department of Zoology offers B.Sc. students a comprehensive education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical laboratory It also provides research opportunities, and academic foundation, field experience, interdisciplinary learning, career preparation, professional development, ethical considerations, preparation for further education, critical thinking, conservation and sustainability, community engagement. This prepares students for diverse career paths and further academic pursuits while fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world and its inhabitants.
  • Alumni (mention the names of distinguished alumni):

Dr. Manruchi, Dr Arneet, Dr. Ankur Mohindru IAS, Dr. Isha Kaul, Mandeep tuli IPS, Dr. Parmpuneet Singh, Dr. Sohrabh, Dr. Kanwareet Singh, Asso. Prof. Roomy Garg, Dr. (Asst Prof) Suneet Kumar, Asst Prof. Yodha Singh, Prof. Meena Sharma, (Former Head of Zoology), Prof (Retd) Harinder Kaur, Dr (Retd. Prof) Rajinder Jindal, Dr (Retd. Prof) Puspinder Kaur


Academic Programmes Offered (UG/PG): Under Graduation


  • Programme Outcomes
  1. Educated and discipled citizens with good values will help in nation building globally.
  2. Logical thinking with application of biological, physical and chemical sciences. Learning that develops analytical and integrative problem-solving approaches.
  3. Graduates develop logical ability and scientific skills along with reasoning required for zoology related fields.
  4. Students become accustomed with various techniques related to zoology science.
  5. Graduates will be able to recognise, analyse, and opine on the different aspects of zoological sciences.
  6. Ability to develop, identify, formulate a practical approach towards day to day scientific problems to conclude with justified logic.
  7. Performing active role that demand higher competence in national/international organizations with rationality.
  8. Graduates would be aware of basic social etiquettes, ethical issues and regulations while addressing social issues.
  9. The graduates would develop a base for achieving self-support by developing zoology-based employment opportunities.
  10. Skills inculcated would encourage them to carry out innovative research projects thereby making them to use knowledge creation in depth for pharma, agriculture, Fishery, Apiculture, Pearl Farming like industries.


  • Career options

A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree with Zoology can open up number of career opportunities in the field of zoology,

In wildlife conservation as a:

  • Conservation Biologist, Ecologist, Marine Biologist and Government Wildlife or Environmental Agency.
  • In commercial Industry Apiculturist, Aquaculturist, Diary Farmist and Poultry Farmist
  • In Teaching

Secondary School Teachers

  • Science Communicator and Research Scientist (After completion of Post graduation and P.hD, students are eligible in education sector of Colleges and Universities)
  • MBA in Hospitality Management


Total seats: 120


Activities of the Department: (July 2018-2023)


Sr No Title Detail of the Activity
I Extension lecture



1.      24/01/2018  Cereal modifications and Food biotechnology
Topic of Lecture Speaker


9 Oct. 2019 Neurotoxic Effects of Drugs  Dr Parminder Singh

(Govt. Mohindra College, Patiala)

24Oct, 2019  Entrepreneurship on Fermentation  Dr. Balbir Singh

(Punjabi University, Patiala)

14 Nov,2022 Diabetes- the Silent Epidemic  Dr. Bhanvi Wadhawan

(MM Modi College, Patiala)

II  Competitions


(Interclasses B.Sc. I&II)

14 Mar, 2019 On National Science Day

(Interclasses B.Sc. I, II &III)

 16 Oct, 2019  On Drug Abuse 1st  (Prerna and Grpinder Kaur)

2nd   Gurveen Kaur and Harleen Kaur

3Rd Bhupinder Singh and Gurdip Singh


III Poster making Interclasses 19 Oct, 2019 Science Fair (At Multani Mal Modi College, PTA)
Poster making Inter-Institutional 23 Aug,2019 Milk Adultration 60 Samples
IV Workshops 17 Mar, 2021 Milk Adultration 100 samples
National Day Celebration
07Nov, 2022  National Cancer Awareness Day  Poster making Competition amongst interdepartmental students
V 07Nov, 2022  National Cancer Awareness Day  Poster making Competition amongst interdepartmental students

Names of Programmes/Courses offered:(UG) 
1.B.Sc. (Medical)

Faculty profile

Name Qualification Designation
Dr. Parminder Singh M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor & Head of Dept.
Mrs.Lakhwinder Kaur M.Sc., M.Phil., Pursuing Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Ms. Navneet Kaur M.Sc. (Zoology) Assistant Professor
Mrs. Harwinder Kaur M.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed. PGDCA, M.Phil., Pursuing Ph.D. Assistant Professor