ABOUT:Year of Establishment in 1955.

The Department of History was established in the year 1955. And since then, it engages students with the discipline in diverse ways. Students are not only involved in classroom sessions but also beyond to hone their analytic and interpretive skills. It facilitates students to comprehend historical processes that have shaped the Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Post-modern world. Periodically, various academic activities like seminars, educational tours, guest lectures and quizzes are organized to aid students to reflect on the nature of connection between the past and the present. Mostly, the contribution of the department revolves around enthusiastic participation of teachers and the taught, in realising human potentially for the benefits of the society. The department also focus on enrichment of the discipline by orienting students and faculty to engage in research on new themes and newer ways of learning history.

Academic Programmes Offered (UG/PG):

  • Programme Outcomes


After completion of 3 years degree course in History, it is believed that the students would be well versed and acquainted with the development of historic data and facts, historic perspective of various subjects related to ancient, medieval and modern developments of states all over the globe. Students are trained to develop their own ideas, critical thinking and express themselves in their own words. This helps students to pass on their ideas and knowledge to others which has been acquired through the course completed by the student. The corpuses covered by the student makes them able to use their analytic ability for in-depth study of the subject. After the completion of post-graduate 2 years course the students have practical insight of the various arguments and various historical theories brought forward by historians. The students after completion of these courses are expected to have a sound judgement on historical data and evidence and should be able to have a critical analysis of the subject.


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Travel and Tourism Expert

Art Curator

  • Total seats
Course Total seats
BA Honours School in History 50
MA History 40


Activities of the Department: (July 2017 –June 2018)

Sr No Title of the Activity Detail of the Activity


Activities of the Department: (July 2018 –June 2019)

Sr No Title of the Activity Detail of the Activity
1. Extension Lecture On April 20, 2019 Department of History conducted an extension lecture on Mughal perception of India. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Jigar Mohammed from University of Jammu.


Activities of the Department: (July 2019 –June 2020)

Sr. No. Title of the Activity Detail of the Activity
1. Extension Lecture On October 3, 2019 an extension lecture was delivered on Jallianwala Bagh tragedy by Prashant Gaurav (Govt. College sec 46 Chandigarh)


Activities of the Department: (July 2020 –June 2021)

Sr. No. Title of the Activity Detail of the Activity
1. Webinar On November 4, 2020 Department of History organized a webinar on Shri Guru Teg Bahadur: Life and Teachings. The Key speaker was Dr. Paramveer Singh of Punjabi University, Patiala.
2. Webinar On December 2, 2020 Department of History organized a webinar on “Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib di Vichaardhaara da Itihaasik Mahattav”
3. Webinar On May 21, 2021 Department of History organized webinar. ADPI Prof. S.S.Rekhi delivered lecture on Life and teachings of Guru Teg Bahadur ji.


Activities of the Department: (July 2021 –June 2022)

Sr. No. Title of the Activity Detail of the Activity
1. Commemorating the martyrdom day of S.Bhagat Singh On March 23, 2022 Department of History in collaboration with NSS organized an event commemorating the martyrdom day of ‘Shaheed-e-Azam’ S. Bhagat Singh.
2. ‘HAR GHAR TIRANGA’ under ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ On June 13, 2022 Department of History organized slogan writing competition on the theme ‘HAR GHAR TIRANGA’ under ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’. Approximately 58 students participated in the competition.


Activities of the Department: (July 2022 –June 2023)

Sr. No. Title of the Activity Detail of the Activity
1. Visit to Punjab State Archives On November 9, 2022; the students of Research Methodology of M.A. History visited Punjab State Archives, Patiala under the supervision of Dr. Gagandip Cheema, HOD History Department and Dr. Kiranjeet Kaur.
2. Celebration of National Education Day On November 11, 2022 Department of History celebrated National Education Day by making posters and writing quotes on education. The students pay tribute to Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad (First minister for education in India) on his birth anniversary.
3. Extension Lecture On Novemver 14, 2022 Department of History organized an Extension Lecture on the topic ‘Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur ji and Gurmukhi sources’.
4. Celebration of Constitution Day On November 26, 2022 Department of History organized a Quiz Contest (MCQ Test) on the theme ‘LET’S EXPLORE OUR CONSTITUTION’ to celebrate Constitution Day of India. Approximately 65 students participated in the quiz, Thereafter; Preamble of the Constitution was read by the teachers of the department and participants.
5. Celebration of Parinirvan Diwas On December 6, 2022 Department of History in collaboration with class IV employees union and NSS celebrated Parinirvan Diwas of Baba Sahib Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar.
6. Educational tour On March 11, 2023 Department of History organized an educational tour of 50 students to Virasat-e-Khalsa under scheme for career counselling in Government colleges of Punjab.


Names of Programmes/Courses offered:
Under Graduate: B. A. Honours School in History 3 years
Post Graduate: M. A. 2 years


Name Qualification Designation
Mr. Sunil Jain M.Phil. Associate Professor
Dr. Narjit Kaur Bains Ph.D. Associate Professor
Dr. Gagandip Cheema Ph.D. Associate Professor
Dr. Swinder Singh Rekhi Ph.D. Associate Professor
Ms. Nishtha Tripathi M. Phil. Associate Professor
Mr. Hukam Chand M.Phil Assistant Professor
Ms. Monika M. Phil Assistant Professor
Mr. Puneet Assistant Professor
Dr. Kiranjeet Kaur Assistant Professor
Mr. Pardeep Singh Assistant Professor
Mr. Manpreet Singh Assistant Professor